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Manage your orders

Managing your orders has never been easier. With the customer portal you can view your open orders and even approve your orders for production.

Get your invoices

Need a copy of one of your invoices? View and download all your Pukka invoices from one place. The customer portal houses all your order invoices.

View your order history

Need information on that seasonal order you made last year? With the customer portal you can view your order history in detail and even request a re-order of those hats that sold so good.


Make payments online

Easily pay your invoices online with our secure online billing payment system. Just select the invoice you would like to pay then select your payment method and you're done.

Track your orders

Keep track of your orders tharough the shipping the process. The customer portal is linked up with FedEx to provide you up-to-date shipping information on your orders.

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